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Tree Frog

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1. Make the frog base.


2. Fold the right flap of paper over to create a smooth diamond shape. Repeat on the back side of the base.


3. Fold the sides of the paper inward, like so.


4. Repeat Step 3 on the remaining three smooth paper surfaces.


5. With the top layer only, bring the bottom of the paper upward.


6. Next, smoosh the paper between the folds on either side of it. This is similar to how you would create the crane’s next and tail.


7. Bend the paper like so, and crease it so that the arm jutting out from the side folds in on itself. This step is very similar to how you would create the crane’s beak.


The result of Steps 5 -7 should look like this.


8. Repeat Steps 5 -7 on the flap of paper to the left of the arm you just made. (Tip: Do not try to position the arms directly across from each other at this point in the process. They will move into place when you go on to create the frog’s legs.)


9. After you have created the frog’s second arm, fold the flaps of paper over so that the arms are across from one another, and the remaining two flaps of paper are facing downward, like so.


10. Repeat Steps 5-7 on one of the lower flaps of paper.


Tip: Make sure to crease the paper near the bottom of the frog’s body.


11. Repeat Steps 5-7 on the other leg.


12. Make additional folds on the frogs arms and legs to add detail. (Tip: Fold in the opposite direction of the way the paper is resting. Make one upward fold on each arm, and one downward fold then one upward fold on the frog’s legs.)


13. Hold the frog by its back legs and blow air into the small opening in the paper.


Your origami tree frog is complete!


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