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Lotus Flower

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1. Fold the paper in half vertically, then unfold. Do the same horizontally. (The Lotus Flower is very similar to the lotus blossom, but a little bit more difficult.)


2. Fold the corners into the middle of the paper, using the creases from Step 1 as guidelines.


3. Fold the corners into the middle again.


4. Flip the paper over.


5. Fold the corners into the center of the paper one more time.


6. Slightly, but firmly, bend the corners of the paper forward.


7. Very very carefully, bring the flap of paper from the back side around to the front. (Tip: Make another, larger fold like what you did for Step 6 and gradually smooth it out as you bring the back side of paper to the front.)


This is what the result of Step 7 should look like. It’s very easy to rip the paper, so just be patient as you complete this step.


8. Repeat Step 7 on the remaining three petals.


9. Turn the flower over. Very carefully, unfold the four triangular flaps you see in the picture above.


10. Congratulations! You’ve made an origami lotus flower!


Author: Kayla Minguez

Writer & blogger

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