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Star Box

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1. Begin by making a square base.


2. Take the sides of the top layer and fold them inward, like so.


3. Make a squash fold on each side by placing a finger in each triangle’s opening and pressing down gently.


4. Fold the middle triangle upwards.
Repeat Steps 2 – 4 on the reverse side



5. Using the center crease as a guide, fold the layers over. Both sides
should look like the image shown above.


6. Fold the each side of the top layer into the center line. Then fold the resulting triangle shape upwards.
Repeat Step 6 on the reverse side.


So far, your star box should look like this.


7. Turn your paper so that the open side is facing upward.
Slowly and carefully, begin pressing the sides of your star box outward.


Congratulations! You’ve made a star box!


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