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Sanbo Box

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1. Lay your paper negative side up. ( I like to use double-sided paper for sanbo boxes, but for this one it really doesn’t make a difference.)


2. Fold each corner of the paper in to the center. (Tip: Fold the paper in half vertically, then horizontally to make guidelines; this will allow you to determine the paper’s center more accurately.)


3. Turn the paper over, then fold it in half from the bottom upwards. The result should look something like this.


4. Turn the paper around so that the triangle in the center is facing upwards and the open side of the paper is at the bottom. Fold the in half vertically, then unfold.


5. Fold the upper left corner to the backside of the paper.


6. Fold the upper right corner down on the front side of the paper.


7. Insert a finger into the opening at the bottom of the triangle you have created.


8. Use your finger to widen the opening at the bottom of the triangle. Fold the paper into a square base by flattening the triangle into a diamond.


The result of Step 8 should look similar to this.


9. Turn the new square base so that the opening is facing upward.


10. Carefully insert a finger into one of the corner flaps of the square base. Push outward toward the corner of the pocket, flattening the triangle into what will become a rectangular shape.


11. Repeat Step 10 on the opposite side of the square base. The process should look something like this.


After you complete Steps 10 and 11, your paper should look like this.
Repeat Steps 10 and 11 on the reverse side of the paper.


12. Fold one flap of the front and back sides of the paper on their center creases. The result on both sides should look like this.


13. On the paper’s top layer, fold the sides into the center crease.


14. Repeat on the reverse side.


15. On the top layer of paper, fold the triangular tip downwards.


16. Repeat on the reverse side.


17. Hold your paper so you can see into the open side. Slowly and carefully push on the sanbo box’s sides.


After you have expanded the sanbo box completely, it should look similar to this.


Congratulations! Your sanbo box is complete!


Author: Kayla Minguez

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